What is Dissertation and its benefits?

Human nature is when we are doing something that we think is beneficial to us. Be it with our career, education, or personal matters, as long as we understand that we will gain something after enduring this challenging process, we will do it as long as we can. You could make your academic dissertation a [...]

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What is dissertation writing and thesis writing?

The dilemma after your bachelor's degree remains the same. You might be wondering about pursuing the next step of your education after those four-long years of striving hard. A master's degree is not going to be possible if you don't know the difference between your bachelor's degree thesis and MBA dissertation. But one thing is [...]

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Is writing a dissertation difficult?

When your professor asks you to write a dissertation, there is always a mixed feeling of fear and excitement. Fear because you heard that the dissertation is tough to handle. Excitement because you are stepping to another level of your academic journey that brings challenging tasks. There is usually no set consultation from professors, no [...]

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