Every day, students have a choice, a choice where they can continue their dreams or give up. Some students fail to continue their studies because of the lack of support financially and emotionally. They give up because of the pressure brought by the academic requirements and their personal life. However, we do not encourage that kind of negativity. A student needs to stay optimistic at all times. Opportunities will come once you accepted the challenges and learn to embrace that you need to work hard to gain progress. Although there are uncertainties along the way, you have to be ready and face them with your strategies and skills. Give yourself time to learn and discover greater things ahead to stay motivated. When writing a thesis, a student should develop their writing and research skills to make it a successful one. Unfortunately, some students admit that they don’t know how to write a thesis. This problem should never be a hindrance to submit a well-written thesis. Thanks to Thesis Writing in Dubai, students can now present a thesis worth defending. They have the best thesis writers with experience and have undergone proper training and seminars. To learn more about this requirement, here are the thesis formats.

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1. Fonts 

There are many fonts available in Microsoft word. But not all are acceptable. When writing a thesis, you must remember that it is a professional document written by a student. Do not let down the people around you, and start thinking of using the appropriate format for your thesis. Arial, Calibri, Times, Helvetica, Letter Gothic, and Geneva are fonts approved by most institutions. These may be a simple font, but they are easy to read and looks decent for the readers. Now that you have your font, a font size of 12 is acceptable. Keep the consistency and always use what you have used from the beginning. Thesis Writing in Dubai uses fonts and font size according to the instructions given by your professors. They respect the guidelines, and they will make it happen.


2. Spacing

Spacing is one of the things to consider in a thesis format. It is one of the most common misconceptions of researchers. They underestimate the power of spacing because they think it’s not a big deal to observe. What they do not know is, the panelist can easily spot inconsistent spacing. Use 1.5 or double-spaced text. Single spaces are only applicable in bibliography entries, table captions, footnotes, and long quotations. Thesis Writing in Dubai is particular in spacing. They know the thesis format so well, and they will input the appropriate format in your thesis. Never worry about their service because they are trusted through the years.
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3. Paper Size

The paper size of the thesis matters. Especially when you need to follow the guidelines set by the institution. The paper size must be 8.5 x 11-inch paper within your PDF. So as much as possible, listen to the instructions and make sure you will follow them. The format of a thesis is an important aspect of this document as it serves as the look of a professional thesis. 


4. Margins

Although you can justify your document, you still have to fix your margins. You cannot call a document formal when you don’t have a proper margin. You are not doing it the right way when you start to exclude margins in your thesis format. A left margin of 1.5″ and a top, bottom, and right margin of 1″ is the recommended margin in the thesis. Failure to follow the appropriate margin will lose the content if your thesis is bound. Some students want to extend their work beyond the margin requirement to make it more appealing. Fortunately, it is acceptable. 

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