What is Qualitative Analysis

Throughout the academic journey, research is always part of it. Many can prove that this requirement is one of the challenging yet beneficial things to as a student. It is where it can test your knowledge you have gathered throughout the school year. Of course, there are some instances that you think you can't do [...]

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How to Write a Dissertation

Every student has a story to tell on how they overcame their dissertation. They describe this academic requirement as tough and challenging. Although it is hard, they cannot deny that a dissertation helps you to take the next level of their academic journey.  When planning for a dissertation, you must gather all your thoughts and [...]

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10 Tips for Writing a PhD Thesis

Being able to reach the final and the highest educational attainment as a student is probably one of the proudest moments in your entire existence. You already spent about 3-4 years conducting research, and the prize was worth the wait, and it is becoming a Ph.D. student. Not everyone is fortunate to reach this level. [...]

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