In order to further their education, a large number of students from the Gulf states are currently enrolled in a range of universities situated outside of the region. Expanding educational institutions in the GCC area have a significant impact on the region’s student population. Due to a lack of time or lack of good grammatical and writing skills, students often find it difficult to complete their dissertations. They may also be working part-time or for other personal reasons for which they can take Dissertation writing help in Bahrain. Students must complete a dissertation, a significant piece of writing, as part of their academic careers. An MBA thesis or doctorate dissertation may also be required as part of a bachelor’s degree; in certain situations, a dissertation may be required as part of a master’s degree. In order to graduate, one must put in a significant amount of time and work over the course of a number of years. The thesis is a significant collection of an individual’s information, beginning with the selection of the topic for the thesis and ending with a representation of the individual’s knowledge and information in the form of a conclusion in the thesis. This collection begins at the beginning of the thesis and continues until the end of the thesis. As a result, creating an excellent thesis is really crucial, and in light of this, the following are some pointers that will assist you in writing your dissertation.

The following things should be kept in mind to writing a dissertation: 

  1. Select an important topic that can make a contribution to your field: The subject should be chosen based on extensive study and personal passion. The subject should be original and relevant to the course so that, at the conclusion of the thesis, a good compilation of data is provided that demonstrates the individual’s knowledge and understanding.
  2. Approval of the Proposal regarding the topic: Writing a proposal is an essential stage in the thesis writing process. The proposal will include a short introduction to the subject as well as a literature review, research methods, and dissertation format. The proposal provides the institution with an overview of the research subject, timetable, and amount of work that will be expended. Once the professor has accepted the plan, the following step should be taken.
  3. Organise the outline: Students should create a framework or structure for their dissertation by arranging its many sections, including the introduction, literature review, research methods, results, and conclusion.
  4. Conduct a critical Literature Review: After the proposal is accepted, begin the literature review by doing a critical analysis of previous research on the issue. It aids in assessing the research’s strengths and weaknesses. The critical literature study also aids in the analysis of the theory that will be applied to the topic-specific research. After completing the literature research, compose the introduction.
  5. Write the research methodology chapter: After doing a literature review, it is possible to draft the questionnaire using the research’s customized technique. Additionally, it is essential to describe how to do research. This chapter discusses several aspects of research, including research philosophy, research methodology, sampling strategy, data gathering technique, and data analysis methods. 
  6. Collection and Analysis: Prepare a survey questionnaire or interview guide in accordance with the selected research approach. After creating the questionnaire, it should be delivered to the research’s target demographic. After data collection, data analysis must be conducted. For quantitative data, statistical analysis is conducted, while descriptive analysis is performed for qualitative data.
  7. Write Discussion: Discussion is written based on the research findings and compare those to those of the literature review (secondary data). It will help you to understand if your research findings are in line with the research concepts or not.
  8. Write Conclusion: Conclusion must be written by you in a way that you are not just summarising the entire dissertation but also focus on some strengths, limitations, implications, and future recommendations.
  9. Bibliography and proofreading the work: After data gathering and analysis, cite the sources and consolidate the material for future use. After drafting the thesis, be careful to proofread and check for plagiarism to confirm the originality of the study.

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