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Isn’t dissertation just an essay? No, it’s not. It’s relatively longer than an essay. An essay can be up to 3000 words and usually a topic is provided with general guidelines on what the essay should cover. A dissertation is much longer and it’s a topic you must choose yourself.

The word ‘dissertation’ comes from Latin and means ‘to debate’. So what you essentially need to do is choose a topic, spend months researching it, figure out all the ins and outs of that topic and then compile it in a neat report and submit it for evaluation. It sounds like a lot of work and it is.

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A dissertation is usually done to obtain a university degree. A good dissertation is usually one with a clear topic and a concrete research goal. Without it, the paper will just read as if someone is beating around the bush. A great dissertation paper is also something that is organized in such a way that it has a few specific sections discussing the topic at length. For turning in a dissertation worthy of a top score, you must also use an exhaustive research materials resource.

So how do you write it? This seemingly simple question drives students to frustration and then leads to them seeking Dissertation writing help in GCC. We give some tips below to help you out.

The first tip is to start writing as soon as possible. Don’t spend too much time reading and researching only. You must start writing as well to make sure you complete the work before time as that will allow you a few days to add some final touches.

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Don’t try to write the entire final dissertation in one go. Keep room for improvement by making a first rough draft, then refining the idea a bit more in the second draft. It’s usually a good idea to run the second draft through an extensive editing process which will bring us to the third draft. If you are happy with the results, you can stop at this. But if you think a bit more refining will help, go for a fourth draft. However, this is a process you do not want to be caught in. Do not exceed past the fourth draft.

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The structure of the dissertation should be like this:

  • Introduction – introduces your idea to the reader and talks briefly about the various method you used for the research, etc.
  • Main body – This contains the bulk of your writing. The main idea is explored in detail. You have to include citations to other sources you used, or referred to. This will allow you to clearly divide your idea into structured arguments
  • Conclusion – Of course the name speaks for itself. This is the place to summarize your argument and everything that was said in the main body.
  • Appendices – A well-written dissertation will usually include a good list of appendices.

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Doing the right kind of research is quite important to draft a good dissertation. If you are unsure, then you can avail Dissertation writing help in GCCto help you along. It is a lengthy and a time consuming process so getting some Dissertation writing help in Dubai, UAE will ensure that you get a great score.

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