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Data analysis indicates the third step of the entire thesis or dissertation process. The first step is the proposal and identification of the thesis or dissertation topic that you will explore. The second step begins when you start the dissertation or thesis process and start collecting data. Once you have the previous chapters such as introduction, literature review, and research methodology, you arrive at the data analysis chapter. However, data analysis is not just a chapter that needs to be written. Before you even begin writing the chapter, there are several backend processes that have to be taken care of. For instance, considering the case of a quantitative research, the data that you have collected need to be cleaned, refined, and then edited to make it ready for analysis. This analysis is usually carried out using a data analysis software. Some examples of software that helps with data analysis include: SPSS, R, Minitab, and many others. It all does seem overwhelming and statistical analysis is increasingly complex, that, if you don’t have the eye or interest for it, you are more likely to do the wrong kind of tests which will result in further issues for your dissertation or thesis. For this reason, many students seek Data Analysis help in Dubai, UAE because of how complex it really is and how easy it is to mess it up.

This is the case with a quantitative data analysis process. The qualitative data analysis process is completely different because of the nature of data. In other words, qualitative analysis requires you to apply any one of the thematic analysis processes such as template analysis, framework analysis, narrative analysis and exploratory analysis. This is a completely different process that is used and is usually carried out manually or with the use of another software called NViVo. This is the case when the data are of two different types in independent researchers. It becomes even more complex when the researcher has adopted a mixed methodology which requires both methods to be used together in the same research. This creates an issue due to the fact that analysing these two types of data together have their own additional set of processes. So, it is no secret that this is a hugely daunting task which is one of the reasons why students usually go for Data Analysis help in Dubai, UAE.

Given the tough nature of work that goes into the development of a dissertation, there is no shortcut that can be used to ensure that the work gets done without any issues. What can be done, however, is that the work can be delegated to a center that specialises in various kinds of data analyses who can help you with your data analysis problem. There are many such organisations that have specialist statisticians and data analysts who are skilled in providing this kind of support to students who might be struggling due to lack of expertise, knowledge, or time management. Adopting help from such organisations is one of the strategies that can be used to clear your dissertation in a stress free manner.

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