Graduate programs are the challenging part of the academic journey. It is not the same experience that you had in your Bachelor’s program. Although the schedule gives you comfort, you will realize how hard it is to balance academic requirements and personal life. But if you are committed to getting your title, then everything is possible. One of the things that make it challenging is writing a dissertation. It is somehow similar to the thesis, but the dissertation is harder based on the majority of the students. The dissertation enables the students to show their perspective in response to a question based on their study. It aims to test the independent research skills of the students. They will know how to practically write a dissertation. Also, a dissertation is a final requirement to determine the final grade for your program and if you can graduate. There are dissertation writers that can write for you if you need their help. They know the standard of a good dissertation, therefore consult Dissertation writing services in Dubai today. They provide the ideal content for your project. Their topic is something unusual but interesting to read from the start until the end. To elaborate further, here are the proper formats of the dissertation.


1. General Requirements

The general requirements are margins, spacing, page size, font, font color, and font size. When we say dissertation, the format must be consistent. For example, you started with Arial as your font. Therefore, you should use Arial in the whole dissertation. For margins, 1 inch is acceptable. The page size must be 8½ x 11 inches. The spacing is either 1.5 or 2.0 (double spacing). Use an easy-to-read font or the formal like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman. Most of the time, use black as your font color, and the size should be 10-12. 

2. Length

Consider the fact that a dissertation takes a year to complete. You can expect lengthy paperwork if it’s a dissertation. A typical dissertation ranges from 100 to 300 pages. Of course, the quality of the study should always be present. Just because it has many pages does not mean it is all correct. The professor will strictly read your dissertation to know if you got an opinion on your dissertation. The dissertation should be divided into sections. In some cases, the dissertation has many chapters and divisions. However, it depends on your study,

3. Content

The content of your dissertation is based on your profession. For example, you are in the medical field. Therefore, you need to submit content that emphasizes the current health response of the government and even the citizens. Think of content that is timely yet still relevant these days. Always choose a topic that sounds unusual as it will gain curiosity from everyone that will lead to reading your dissertation. The writers in Dissertation writing services in Dubai help the students to form a unique idea. Whenever they think of a particular topic, they already have problems and solutions in mind because they think outside the box, and their intellectual skills are always present in their projects.


4. Language

Stick with the universal language English. The English language is widely known in different parts of the world. The majority of the population can understand English. That is why, when you write a dissertation, it should be English. Some cases involve other foreign languages. It is acceptable. However, it should be approved by the department. Dissertation writing services in Dubai know the importance of language in the dissertation. The writers are all native English speakers. You won’t have any problem dealing with grammar, punctuations, spelling, and sentence structures.