TOK (Theory Of Knowledge) Writing Services In Dubai

Theory of Knowledge or in short, TOK is usually a requirement for an IB diploma which comprises of 1200 to 1600 words. By nature, it is considered to be a comparative essay that tackles a particular problem as you can contrast and compare different ways of information and knowing on the subject. The decisive factors on your grading will be provided in your instruction notes. Writing a TOK essay is not an easy task for the majority as it will require a complete understanding of certain issues of the examined knowledge concentrating and conducting in-depth analysis, making comparisons, as well as providing relevant information. Moreover, it is also necessary to display independent thinking, illustrate examples that will back up your thesis and demonstrate unique perspective on the subject matter. The breakdown analysis of such type of essay will involve deep insights, reasonable points, suggestions and assumptions, as well as both arguments and counter arguments. Also, the main ideas that support your thesis must be properly structured and accurate. You need to discuss the key concepts in detail and provide a complete list of references.

4 Important Rules to Follow in Writing TOK Essay

When writing a TOK essay, there are 4 Cs you need to consider following in order to come up with a great paper:

  • Creativity – Make sure to develop independent, original and personal thought.
  • Content – Have full understanding and showcase your ability to write on certain knowledge issues.
  • Clarity – Keep in mind to write an essay paper that is clear and well-structured.
  • Critical Thinking – Provide sufficient amount of arguments and counter arguments in order to persuade the reader about your point of view.

The above mentioned points are some of the helpful tips you can consider. If you are in need of further assistance, feel free to seek professional help from a highly trusted TOK Writing Help in Dubai, UAE.

Basic Structure of the TOK Essay

Introduction – it discusses what you are going to write about and your opinion about it. This is a very important part of the TOK essay as it should capture the attention of your readers. Provide a brief explanation about the knowledge you are going to write about.

Body – Mention every argument and counter argument by investing more time to analyze and detail the most crucial arguments and ideas. Always keep in mind to maintain proper structure of your essay by avoiding jumping from one point to another that will make your essay look disorganized. In addition, you also need to consider your readers, ensuring to state what is important for them, what they want to hear and what will make them convince about your point of view.

Conclusion – the ultimate aim of conclusion is to establish a sense of closure in the reader’s mind. It should be written in a strong and convincing manner to ensure its great impact to the audience. You can ask someone who is familiar in writing TOK essays to read the first completed draft of your work in order to get constructive criticism. It is also highly recommended that you invest in hiring a trusted TOK Writing Help in Dubai, UAE. They have professional team of writers and editors who can help you to proofread your essay and help you to have the best TOK essay. You can also be sure that your paper will be done with professionalism, accuracy and clarity.

Although TOK essay itself represents a little portion of the 45 Diploma points, it can definitely help you to improve your overall academic performance and boost your university applications. As they say, practice makes perfect and the more you try to write, the better your writing skills become.