A literature review is one of the basic parts of assignments such as dissertations or individual tasks like research papers that you must complete as required to get an excellent grade. While the assignment might just look like a theory that can be easily completed, it becomes challenging for some students to compile the material and develop excellent literature. You should note that your literature review must be coherent to hook the reader to continue reading the work. Also, some literature reviews are lengthy and challenging for most students. However, Literature Review writing help in Dubai by Gulfdissertation.com can assist you with completing your literature review despite the length. The writers assure you of good quality, despite the length and requirements of your literature review. You should note that a good literature review does not simply summarize sources or list the articles related to the issue addressed. Rather, it analyzes, synthesizes, and assesses in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the current state of knowledge on the topic. Literature Review writing help in Dubai is committed to delivering the best literature review outcomes. In this article, we will discuss ideas on how to write an excellent literature review, including the steps involved in the process. 

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Tips for Writing a Good Literature Review

An excellent literature review is intended to situate your research in existing knowledge, and you only attain it if you are able to achieve the following: 

  • Show your understanding of the topic and its scholarly background.
  • Create a theoretical framework and research approach for your study.
  • Place your work in context with that of other scholars and theories.
  • Demonstrate how your research fills a void or contributes to a debate.
  • Evaluate the current status of research and demonstrate your familiarity with the academic arguments surrounding your issue.

Having the capability to develop a literature review meeting the elements mentioned above proves that you have critically analyzed and synthesized the sources contributing to the literature. Furthermore, seeking the assistance of Literature Review writing help in Dubai puts you in the best position to acquire an excellent literature review meeting all the requirements. Our writers are committed to ensuring they deliver the best quality of work. 

Below steps are suggested by Literature Review writing help in Dubai to write excellent literature reviews:

  1. Search for relevant literature

Before conducting a literature search, you must have a well-defined topic. If you are writing the literature review section of a dissertation or research paper, you will conduct a search for literature that is relevant to your study problem and questions. Create a list of keywords associated with your research subject to get started. Include each of the important topics or variables you are interested in, as well as any related terms and synonyms. You can now search for relevant sources in your university’s library catalog or other online scholarly databases such as Google Scholar, JSTOR, and EBSCO. 

  1. Evaluate and select sources

You probably will not be able to read everything written on the issue you are addressing, so you will need to determine which sources are most pertinent to your research question. Verify the credibility of your sources, and be sure to read any landmark studies and key theories in your field of study. With the help of Literature Review writing help in Dubai, you are assured that only the relevant literature will be added to your paper. 

  1. Identify themes, debates, and gaps

To start organizing the arguments and framework of your literature review, you must first comprehend the connections and links between the sources you have read to ensure the contribution of their information is relevant. This stage will assist you in organizing your literature review and, if applicable, demonstrating how your research will contribute to existing knowledge.

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  1. Outline your literature review’s structure

There are numerous ways to structure the body of a literature review, and you may mix several of these tactics depending on the duration of your literature study. For instance, your overall framework may be thematic, yet you discuss each theme in chronological order.

  1. Write your literature review

Your literature review should include an introduction, major body, and conclusion, just like any other academic paper. What you include in each section is determined by the purpose of your literature review. Seeking professional Literature Review writing help in Dubai offers you the opportunity to get a well-framed literature review aligning with your objective. 

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