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Types of Research Papers You are Likely to Come Across

There are numerous varieties of research papers. Knowing which form of a research paper is required for your assignment is essential, as each takes a different level of preparation. The following are the most typical types of research papers:

In this research paper, you raise a question and collect relevant data from other researchers to examine their divergent perspectives. You focus on the results and conclusions of other researchers before reaching your conclusion on the subject. It is essential to maintain neutrality and not express a negative or favorable stance on the issue.

Argumentative (Persuasive)
The argumentative research paper gives both sides of a contentious issue in a single document. It aims to persuade the reader to agree with your viewpoint. You should incorporate and mention the results and arguments of different scholars on both sides of the topic, but you should then favor one side over the other and attempt to persuade the reader of your position. Your arguments should not be overly emotive; rational facts and statistical evidence must support them.

This research paper describes only facts or objective arguments without invoking the author’s feelings or opinions. Its sole function is to impart knowledge. You should include information from multiple sources but refrain from analyzing them.

Compare and Contrast
Compare and contrast research papers examine the differences between two perspectives, writers, subjects, or narratives. Ensure that both viewpoints are adequately described in the work before comparing and contrasting the thesis and supporting argument.

Cause and effect
Cause and effect research papers trace likely or anticipated outcomes of a certain activity and respond to the “Why?” and “What?” questions, which indicate the effects and causes of certain actions or situations.

An interpretive research paper needs the application of knowledge learned from a specific case study, such as a legal scenario in law studies. You must compose the paper based on an established theoretical framework and support your thesis and conclusion with valid supporting evidence.

This type of research paper describes a specific experiment in great detail. It is widespread in sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics. Experiments try to explain a particular outcome or phenomenon by means of specific activities. You must describe your experiment with supporting data and then do an adequate analysis in this paper.

This research paper requires the administration of a survey, which includes questioning respondents. The person conducting the survey then compiles and analyzes the collected data for presentation in the research paper.

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Components of a Research Paper

The Cover page/Title page
Table of Contents
Body paragraphs (research description and methods)
Bibliography/reference list
Appendix (if any add-ons were available)

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