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Tips on How to Write an Excellent TOK Essay 

1. Read over the assessment criteria and make sure you understand what is expected of you 

For example, you should know important aspects, including that your examples should be diverse in terms of culture and background; you will lose points if you fail to cite any sources you use properly, and you need a well-developed introduction and conclusion.

2. Avoid being stuck with definitions

Being well-versed in the subject at hand is crucial, yet delving into the definition of some words in the essay would consume a full article. It’s also worth noting that dictionary definitions aren’t always useful, and you must be careful about them. You can also seek assistance from TOK Writing help in Dubai if you are stuck with how to go about definitions in your essay. 

3. Distinguish between different types of knowledge and learning 

If you want to be taken seriously, avoid making statements that can be applied to the whole of human knowledge. This is because of various fields of study and different modes of knowing to operate or work differently. 

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4. Don’t make assertions that do not have a real impact

Depending on your perspective, ensure that all claims added in the essay are meaningful and can impact its outcome positively. Furthermore, with TOK Writing help in Dubai, the writers know what is expected at the end of the essay and always do their best to ensure all claims made in the essay are valid. 

5. Explain the question in the introduction

Perhaps you would want to present an unpopular view and defend it by outlining its flaws and suggesting ways in which it might be improved. This explanation will aid in showing what motivated you to work on the paper.

6. Try to provide the reader with the point of the goals you have for the essay in the introduction

A general direction for an argument makes it simpler to follow, but you shouldn’t lay out every detail. In addition, it’s best to steer clear of overused examples like the flat earth as proof that everyone was wrong or Hitler’s immorality as proof that people may be good even when they’re bad. To that purpose, the finest essays often do not devote much time to explaining instances but rather utilize them frequently, almost as a side note, to make an analytical point that may later be elaborated. 

7. Remember that you’re writing not just a series of brief observations but a sustained argument in your essay

Your essay should logically go from one point to the next while building on the previous one and making your solution clear. Create a story or topic to connect your ideas and paragraphs easily. This is not an easy question and will demand serious consideration, but it allows you to give your essay a personal twist. Discover a topic that speaks to you personally, and tackle the challenges in a way that resonates with you. Work with TOK Writing help in Dubai, and experience the impact of their excellent services in your work. 

8 Create an abstract of your essay as you write it

For the most part, this is meant to clarify the point outlined above. If you can’t convey your thesis in a single paragraph, the reader won’t have a chance to grasp it, and an abstract is just a one-paragraph explanation of your argument. Even though you won’t be using the abstract in the final draft of your essay, writing one may help you focus on your goals and ensure that you don’t get sidetracked. The abstract helps you stay focused on the point you want to communicate throughout your TOK essay, which might otherwise be lost if you lose track.

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9. Include a concise summary of your main points in the conclusion, and wrap things off by looking forward 

This might be a detailed justification for why you did not know the answer or a description of the information you would need to solve the question. Avoid just restating your case. If you want to leave your reader with a sense of closure, be sure that the last paragraph concludes anything.

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