There are many different types of essays, but at this time we are focusing on the TOK essay. The majority of us are unaware of this assignment. The theory of knowledge essay is another name for the TOK essay. It typically has about 1200-2000 words. Additionally, your professor provides a list of the topics. Typically, students write these essays for their IB diplomas. According to TOK Writing Help in UAE, the comparative nature of this essay requires students to compare the numerous sources of information on the subject and analyze the specific issue that led to their decision. The criteria for grading are also provided by the instructor in your notes. It takes a lot of research, justification, inference, argumentation, and assumptions to analyze the TOK essay. You can also use a rebuttal. Keep in mind that the concepts you are using to support your thesis should be precise and well-structured. In case you require professional assistance, hire a writer specializing in TOK Writing Help in Dubai, UAE.

Helpful Tips from a Professional TOK Writing Help in UAE

Writing a TOK essay is known as the infamous “four Cs” term. And the finest advice you can utilize to make your essay outstanding is to follow these four Cs:

  • Creativity – Your essay needs to be really original. By using your own thoughts and acquired knowledge from relevant resources, you can succeed in developing your assignment. You may always get good scores for your independent writing and your professor will be impressed with you. The main strategy to draw in the audience is to use personal experiences.
  • Content – The essay’s context should center on relevant concerns. Avoid making pointless arguments. Arguments with no relevance will quickly lose the audience’s attention.
  • Clarity – The essay’s clarity is its most important component. Your words, thoughts, and ideas must be organized well. Try not to muddle your words. Anybody should be able to understand your argument’s primary point with ease if your sentence structure is solid enough.
  • Critical Thinking – Only provide arguments and refutations that you believe the audience can understand. Don’t include every argument in your work and just keep the writing simple. You should present each of these justifications in your own words.

Requirements of TOK Writing Help in UAE

1. Choosing a title

First, choose a title that immediately piques your interest. There will be certain things that don’t make sense as you read them. Each person experiences it. Pass through these points to continue. There are many topics that you may believe are simple; choose one of these. But if you want to create a beautiful and fascinating essay, pick a difficult subject. The simplest option does not produce a quality essay. The difficult one, however, provides you with a wealth of data and arguments. Spend some time thinking about the subject, then start formulating arguments and knowledge areas to begin writing. 

2. Create a knowledge question (KQ)

A KQ is a question obtained from the title, and your essay will respond to this question by presenting an argument. Make an effort to produce something that spans the majority of your essay in American culture. How to begin with the “what” extent is the knowledge query. Selecting the open-ended question will help you reach a strong and motivating conclusion. The best technique to begin an essay is to create a key question and include it in the introduction. For further assistance, approach a reliable TOK Writing Help in UAE.

3. Pick an area of knowledge

It’s time to select the Area of Knowledge after selecting the title and knowledge questions. The headline says you have to choose at least two. If you desire clarity in your writing, focus on just two knowledge domains and continue learning about them. Avoid using AOK and too many titles. Indigenous knowledge systems, math, the arts, physics, natural science, history, ethics, and religious knowledge all fall under the category of knowledge. Now choose two AOK that are consistent with your title and use them to carry out your viewpoints.

4. Define terms

According to TOK Writing Help in UAE, the mandated title contains a number of unusual terms that we do not commonly use, or one word may have several meanings. It is crucial to correctly define these phrases if you intend to use them. In this way, the examiner wouldn’t suspect plagiarism on your part. Defining terminology will assist in capturing the reader’s attention in your essay. It serves as a disclaimer as well. Make sure the examiner won’t fault you for not selecting the important components of the subject. By using these words, you can make your essay’s structure stronger and more effective. Therefore, in your TOK essay, be sure to define any special terms.

5. Provide claims and counterclaims

You must let the reader know where your argument is going. Make an effort to address every assertion and objection of your topic. Before writing it in your original paper, practice it. In these claims and counterclaims, use both of your AOKs. This section serves as the essay’s middle point because you need to discuss your entire writing agenda in these paragraphs. Make a note of several methods for understanding how to counter the arguments’ concepts. Counterclaim is the most advised claim format. Every TOK requires an argument to address every knowledge question, and a counterclaim offers a new way of looking at the argument. Critical inquiry and personal experience-based responses to the questions raised by the subsequent claim are necessary.

6. Write the conclusion

These all steps are the requirements of the TOK essay.  Evaluate all of the important sentences and topics before drafting the conclusion. Verify that every AOK is being used and presented flawlessly. Check each claim and counterclaim before connecting the mini conclusion.