Writing a dissertation is the responsibility of a student. Although they don’t like or know how to write such requirements, they still need to comply and follow the institution’s curriculum. Some students find it difficult to compose all their thoughts in writing, and some students are gifted to write it easily and professionally. However, we must understand that everything takes time to familiarize with things. That is why we encourage everyone to know the importance of writing a dissertation. It is hard for people to do a certain task without knowing how important it is. Writing a dissertation is your road to graduation day. It prepares you for your career and lets you get used to the skills you are showing and to other abilities that you can unlock through the experience. As you prepare to write your Marketing dissertation, you will need to choose a topic that stands out, and an engaging topic as those successfully published marketing dissertations before. We know that one of the problems is to choose a marketing topic that can make the readers impressed. Dissertation writing help in Saudi Arabia provides the best content for your marketing dissertation. They are ready to share their expertise in your marketing dissertation. Get to know this writing company from Saudi Arabia by checking out their recommended Marketing dissertation topic.

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1. The 4Ps (Price, Product, Promotion, Place) of Marketing Mix Dissertation 

One of the most talked about Marketing dissertation topics is the famous marketing mix called 4PS. Since it consists of four parts, you can choose whatever you like to discuss. Each part has its significant difference from the other. If you wish to talk about 4Ps in one study, you can also do that as long as you see potential in it. You can relate this marketing mix in today’s digital world and how it affects the sales of a business or a company. Though it may seem that marketing mix is an ordinary topic to discuss, you can upgrade the study by connecting some related marketing aspects to the marketing mix.


2. Brand Marketing through social media

In the business world, the brand is everything. You cannot make it to the industry without building a name or a brand. You have all the advantages in this world if you already established a brand for your business. The pressure is always on when it comes to competition. But the most important thing is, you are always there to bounce back with a better strategy ahead. Under this topic, you can discuss the four types of brand marketing, which are line extension, brand extension, new brand strategy, and flanker/fight brand strategy. Dissertation writing help in Saudi Arabia provides an excellent marketing dissertation that meets the standard set by the institution. 
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3. Marketing ethics and corporate social responsibility

This topic aims to open up a discussion about a companies’ responsibility to fulfill. Behind their success and accomplishment are the people who support and patronize their business. So, it’s time to give back to the community, thus operating with corporate social responsibility. This marketing dissertation will focus on whether or not marketing ethics are related to corporate social responsibility. 


4. Direct Marketing 

It may be a kind of traditional marketing, but it is still relevant up to this day. There are many areas that you can discuss under direct marketing. One of the things you can talk about is, do customers respond differently to direct and digital Marketing? In this dissertation, you will compare direct and digital marketing to how the customer responds. Once the student has the result, he/she will evaluate which one is the most effective. 
Once you already discover the Marketing topic that best fits your interest, everything will happen according to your plans and objectives. Dissertation writing help in Saudi Arabia is your partner to achieve your goals in your academic journey. Give your cooperation to them, and they will let you experience their professional service. Do your part, listen to their advice, and give your trust to them. The more you believe in their capabilities, the more they will establish a good relationship with you.

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